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JW Language is an app specially created for Jehovah's Witnesses that makes language-learning much easier thanks to its lessons, which, that said, all focus on the Bible.

Using this tool, students of the Holy Scriptures can help other young people advance in the language they're learning. Each user can choose his or her native tongue and the one to improve on in order to access the lesson contents in both languages.

What JW Language offers is the option to practice phrases related to preaching and Christian teaching. The areas you can focus on include preaching, teaching, and the Bible, as well as several reflective questions on humanity and the world. Each section also includes a series of audio items to learn the exact pronunciation in the language you're studying.

If you want you can also access all this information using illustrative videos that'll help you delve deeper into a specific theme in the Bible and its vision for Jehovah’s Witnesses.
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